How to test a virtual service created from WSDL?

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Last Modified Date : 05/02/2019
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I am able to create a virtual service from WSDL, but can't get a valid response when sending a request.
How to test a virtual service created from WSDL?
We can create a test case from a WSDL file from different ways.

With DevTest Workstation we can use the WebService Execution step, provide the WSDL file or URL used to create the VSM and set the endpoint to the virtual service model running in the VSE.
1. Create a new test case. Select the menu File, New, Test Case. Provide a name to the test case.
2. Right click in the test case and add the Web Service Execution (XML) step under Web/Web Services.
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3. Provide the WSDL URL or file under WSDL URL field and the correct Endpoint. In this case it needs to be your VSE Server address, the port the VSM is listening and the proper base path, that can be verified in the HTTP/S Listener step of your VSM. The other fields should be completed automatically if the WSDL URL/file can be used.
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4. Execute the test by selecting the green arrow at the top right side or running the test case in the ITR.
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Another option is to use the option "Create a Web Services Test" from the Workstation Quick Start:
1. Select the Quick Start Icon.
2. Select the Create a Web Services Test option.
3. Provide the WSDL URL or the WSDL file to create the test case.
If there are no issues to load the WSDL file, the Operations will be automatically loaded.
4. If needed, change the test name on the bottom of the screen and select the green arrow to get the test case created.
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