How to tell if the CA Datacom LXX is formatted VARIABLE blocked as required starting with Version 14.0?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to tell if the CA Datacom LXX is formatted VARIABLE blocked as required starting with version 14.0?



CA Datacom 14.0 requires that the Log File (LXX) be formatted variable block.

To tell if the LXX was initialized with variable or fixed blocking, check the Datacom MUF log’s “LOG FILE (LXX) OUTPUT” section for “VARIABLE – YES” or “VARIABLE – NO”.  

Example LOG FILE (LXX) OUTPUT showing this LXX is variable blocked:

                             LOG FILE (LXX) OUTPUT                            


LOG FILE OPEN - YES                                                           

LOG FILE SPILLING -  NO                                                       

LOG FILE SPILL PENDING - YES                                                   

MASTER LIST RCV OPTION - NEVER                                                

LOG FILE HIGHEST TRANSACTION SEQUENCE NUMBER - 00008077                       

OPEN USER FILES - YES                                                         

ACTIVE TRANSACTIONS -  NO                                                     

VARIABLE - YES                                                                

LXX INIT - 20120127101231  C90943720AEF2875                                   

FXX INIT - 20111206132555  C8C80DB078B5E5B1                                   

LXX RESET -  NO                                                               

FXX TOTAL TASKS -  ALLOWED -15136     MOST USED -  125      (SYSTEM TASKS - 25)

FXX USER TASKS* -  ALLOWED -15111     MOST USED -  100                        


If “VARIABLE – NO”, follow the instructions in RI68209 (DB 14.0 Sol 326) *PDC:  REQUIRED LOG (LXX) FORMAT BEFORE FIRST 14.0 USE.  “… The Version 12.0 Log File (LXX) fixed block format is not supported in Version 14.0. The Version 14.0 Multi-User Facility (MUF) requires the LXX to be either variable (INIT AREA=LXX,BLKSIZE=32760,VARIABLE=YES) or spanned    
(INIT AREA=LXX,BLKSIZE=nnnnn,BLOCKS=n - see CA Datacom DBUTLTY Reference Guide for z/OS Version 14.0 for acceptable values)