How to take core dump of hub

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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On hub/tunnel issues, engineering might ask for core dumps of hub probe when hub is in a bad state i-e not taking tunnel clients, not processing queues etc.


Check if coredumps are enabled:

# ulimit -a
[root@mehfa01-I76944 ~]# ulimit -a
core file size ? ? ? ? ?(blocks, -c) 0

'0' indicates core dumps are not enabled. Enable it using following command:

# ulimit -c unlimited ? # Note: you have to be root to run that command


[root@mehfa01-I76944 ~]# ulimit -a
core file size ? ? ? ? ?(blocks, -c) unlimited

Now, next step is to force the hub process to do core dump.

Find the process ID (pid) of hub:

[root@mehfa01-I76944 LINUX_23_64]# ps -edf|grep -v grep |grep nimbus\(hub\)
root ? ? 29683 29681 ?0 16:42 ? ? ? ? ?00:00:00 nimbus(hub)

2- Get hub to do core:

# kill -6 29683

3- Verify:
# ls /opt/nimsoft/hub
[root@mehfa01-I76944 ~]# ls /opt/nimsoft/hub/
certs hub.cfg hub.log profiles robot.sds security.bak security.dta core.29683 hub hub.cfx hubs.sds perf q sdsfile security.cfg tunnelsetup
Now, zip the core file and give it to developer who requested it.