How to suppress CAS9115I messages when running CAS9 (CAIRIM)?

Document ID : KB000053699
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When running CAS9 (PGM=CAIRIM) to load license keys or initialize CA Solutions, there is a CAS9115I message generated for every product key, initialization statement, and comment statement within the KEYS and CARIMPRM file. You may want to eliminate these informational messages to cut down on the message traffic written to the system log or console. This document will identify the option that can be specified to suppress the CAS9115I messages.


Within the KEYS and/or CARIMPRM file, the ECHO control option can be used to control the generation of the CAS9115I messages. The ECHO control option can be specified anywhere within the file to either turn on or turn off the suppression of the messages.

syntax: ECHO=(NO|YES)
default: YES

If you want to suppress all input and comment statements, specify ECHO=NO as the first statement starting in column 1. You can specify ECHO=YES further down within the file if you want to write out specific statements to the syslog log or console.

In the following screen shot, you can see the placement of ECHO=NO and ECHO=YES. Remember that ECHO=YES is the default, so when the CAS9 STC is executed and reads this KEYS file, the comment box "START READING KEYS" will be displayed, but none of the product license key statements following the ECHO=NO control option will be. The comment box "STOP READING KEYS" will also be displayed because it follows the ECHO=YES control option.

Figure 1

The following screen shot shows the messages that will be written as a result fo the above KEYS file being read by CAS9. You will notice that CAS9115I messages are not being generated for each LMP key being read in as input. You are only seeing the messages indicating that the keys were accepted.

Figure 2