How to submit an eHealth Certification Request

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The files and information needed for an eHealth Certification Request.


Before you look into submitting a certification request, please reference the below page to check if a device is already certified:

Obtaining the below information before you open an eHealth Certification Request case will allow for streamlining of the process as well as allowing the information to be submitted to the certification team quicker.


All supported eHealth versions and their related supported operating systems

We require six items prior to opening all Certification Requests. Following are the main corresponding reasons for each:

1. Discovering using the latest patch set will ensure that the Certification has not already been completed.  Since our Engineering Team is constantly working on Certifications, about half of all requests can be satisfied by installing the latest Certification kits.  You can perform a command line discovery of the device in question by using the below command from the eHealth system:

nhDiscover –policy <discoverPolicyName> -c <commString> ipAddress –t 20 –o fileName.disc.dci –res fileName.res.txt

2. Often times we are unable to obtain MIB files from manufacturers because we have not purchased the device in question. Conversely, you, as owner of the device, are entitled to the files.  To obtain a set of MIB files, contact your device's manufacturer or the device manager.  Often the MIBs are available to their customers on the manufacturer's website, e.g. Cisco.  

3.  A complete MIB dump from the device will confirm what the device's MIB is collecting, and that its SNMP agent is properly configured. This output file also allows us to simulate a Discovery of your device which will help us to verify the Certification requirements and to test along the way.   Please use the below command from the eHealth system to acquire the MIB dump:

nhSnmpTool -c <commString> ipAddress -t 30 -p <port#> -f fileName.walk

4. Properly defining your requirements can shave weeks off of the wait time for a test (Verification) kit from Engineering. Without proper description of the request parameters, we will presume you are looking to report on basic mib2 information.

5. We also need to know if SNMP v2c ONLY is required as that will entail a new or different set of .mtf files along with other potential changes.  If v2c only is not certified for the device you will not be able to discover / poll using the policy parameter:


Please also include any related questions in your case.

Additional Information:

A Certification Request cannot be submitted for review by our Certification Development team until all five of the above components have been provided. Due to the volume of Certification Requests received by our Technical Support and Certification teams this request will remain open for 10 days from the initial submission. If after those 10 days, all of the required information is not provided, this issue will be closed as unresolved. 

If at a future date you wish to revisit the Certification Request, please open a new case and submit all required information.  If you are having technical difficulties obtaining the required information or are aware of factors that may result in a delay in providing this information, please contact eHealth Technical Support team at your earliest convenience. 

A Certification Request will only be made for currently supported versions of eHealth.  We cannot accept requests for any eHealth versions which have reached End of Service or End of Life status.