How to Stop Collection of a Large Report that is Filling Up a View Database

Document ID : KB000108115
Last Modified Date : 27/07/2018
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A CA View SARSTC task experienced a hang condition during the archival of a large report, and the client wants to know how to address the condition. 
CA View - All releases
This procedure should be used to address a large report that has started to collect to View, but is not to be collected due to its size:
 1. Reply ‘T’ to terminate the View SARSTC started task.
 2. Put the problem sysout on hold in the JES spool.
 3. Use SARDBASE ADDDS, to add space to the View database.
 4. Use "/S sarstc,OPT=STOPBU, to start the View SARSTC started task.
 5. Log on to View and issue a "C" line command, for Clean, on the OPEN sysout.
 6. Use "/F sarstc,NEW", to run a View backup cycle.
 7. Wait at least 4 hours after the backup cycle, and issue a "C" line command on the sysout again.
 8. The second "C" command will change the location of the sysout. At this time, it can be determined what to do with the sysout (including deleting it).
 9. Determine what is to be done with the original problem sysout on the JES spool, but do NOT release it for View to collect again.