How to start a CA Thread Terminator Monitor Profile via an automated process such as z/OS Modify command or during initialization of the Xmanager started task?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a method to automatically start, refresh, and stop the CA Thread Terminator for DB2 for z/OS (PTT) Thread Monitor process?



Modify commands can be utilized to start, refresh, and stop the PTT Thread Monitor.

The CA Thread Terminator \ Dynamic DSNZPARM User Guide / Chapter 3 Preparing Xmanager / Modify Commands section contains information to issue z/OS Modify commands to start, refresh, and stop the PTT Thread Monitor.

The following are examples where PTXMAN is equal to local Xmanager started task name:

F PTXMAN,START(TT) PRF( profile name)
F PTXMAN,REFRESH(TT) PRF(profile name)


It is also possible to start the PTT Thread Monitor at startup of the Xmanager task.


1. Create a member called $STRTPTT in the PXMPARM dataset. 

2. In the $STRTPTT member put the following:

-START(TT) PRF(profile name)

where profile name is the name of the PTT profile you want started when Xmanager starts up.

3.Add the following line to the XMANINIT member in the PXMPARM dataset:



XMANINIT is a member read by the CA Xmanager started task when it starts up.

Additional Information: 

More information can be located within Appendix C, Preparing Xmanager, of the General Facilities Reference Guide. There is a section titled "Executing Automatically using XMANINIT" in Appendix C that discusses this topic.