How to specify the NEWFUN parameter in DB2 after applying apar QO93564.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The client has applied CA Pan/SQL's PTF QO93564.  Is this PTF compatible with the DB2 NEWFUN parameter?
What is the best way to specify the DB2 New Function Mode parameter?



CA Pan/SQL 2.4C



The DB2 NEWFUN parameter may be added to the DB2COMP step in Pan/SQL job IJ3STGE1.



However, it is recommended that the value be picked up through the default specified in the DB2 install.
The addition is only required if IBM's default is to be overridden.


Additional Information:

Run jobs IJ3STGE1 and CB2ACMDL in your CA Pan/SQL highlevelqual.INSTALL.JCL dataset for the DB2 subsystem in question.

Then, please run SQLINST4 from the same highlevelqual.INSTALL.JCL dataset for each additional subsystem involved.

Although DB2 Mode is changed in IJ3STGE1 and this job is run after applying QO93564,
DB2 NEWFUN is separate from QO93564. NEWFUN(NO) and NEWFUN(YES) are both available options with QO93564.

DB2 NEWFUN (YES) or (NO) should match the DB2 functionality New Function Mode or Compatiblity Mode, respectively.

To ensure that IJ3STGE1 is getting the expected value, we sometimes suggest that NEWFUN (YES) or (NO) be actually written. If you are getting the value you expect (using the default or can provide output from job IJ3STGE1), then the NEWFUN parameter does not need to be explicitly written.