How to setup X11 forwarding to perform a cluster install

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Why doesn't console mode (command line) correctly perform cluster installs on CA Identity Manager?


In order to perform the CA Identity Manager cluster installs on Linux, GUI mode would need to be performed. Follow these steps to enable GUI mode in your Linux environment:

  1. Use an X11 server application such as Xming or Cygwin/X
  2. Enable X-11 Forwarding in your client (Putty is used as an example. See image below)
    x forwarding.png
  3. Log in with your desired user
  4. echo $DISPLAY to get the associated display (Ex. Output would be "localhost:10.0"  - "10" would be the associated display)
  5. Run command "xauth list". Find the display number which corresponds with step #4 and copy it (Make sure everything is copied in the output)
  6. Sudo to root. Run command "xauth add <paste copied output from step #5>"
  7. Now commands can be executed as root and the X11 Forwarding connection can be seen.
  8. Run the CA Identity Manager installer and the installer screen should pop up.