How to setup the Unix CA7 agent to work in a failover or cluster enviornment?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This information is only for jobs submitted from mainframe!
Say you have server A and server B and you want to submit jobs to virtual machine C.

  1. Install the Unix CA7 agent on each machine (A and B). This is needed because the installation uses the actual physical machine name to build directories and files.

  2. After the installation edit the CCI remote configuration text file $CAIGLBL0000/cci/config/<nodename>/ccirmtd.prf to assign the virtual machine name.

    This is done by adding ALIAS=<alias_name> to the first line of the file
    Note: The alias_name must be 8 characters or less and does not need to be network resolvable. Each ccirmtd.prf file should be configured to have the same alias.

    On machine A the file $CAIGLBL0000/cci/config/A/ccirmtd.prf would contain

    LOCAL = A A 32768 startup ALIAS=C

    On machine B the file $CAIGLBL0000/cci/config/B/ccirmtd.prf would contain

    LOCAL = B B 32768 startup ALIAS=C
  3. Stop and restart agent so that new cci configuration takes effect. Warning! Do not have both agents up and running at the same time with the same ALIAS!

  4. Jobs are configured to run on server C. If A goes down, server B comes up. Never have both A and B active at the same time using the same ALIAS=C.