How to setup CAICCI to be used with CA workbench or CA Server products that utilize CAICCI-PC

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document will identify the basic requirements and setup for CAICCI services where products such as CA Endevor Workbench, CA Docview, CA Datacom Server, CA IDMS Server, etc... require a connection between a windows server and the mainframe. In this type of environment the CAICCI-PC code installed on the server will communicate directly with the CCITCP STC running on the mainframe. Once this basic setup has been established, additional mainframe systems can be CCI connected to enable the CA solution running on the server to connect to its counterpart on other mainframe systems.


The following steps cover basic installation of CCI services. These steps assume that ENF has already been installed. If necessary, install ENF before preceding with the following steps:

  1. Install (SMP/E Receive, Apply, Accept) the CAICCI FMID CW42100

  • Install the CCI DCM (CAS9DCM3) into the ENF database. To accomplish this task, run the CAS9DB utility with the INST control option .

  • Update CCIPARMS member in the OPTLIB referenced within the ENF procedure to include, at minimum, the following statements SYSID(nnnnnnnn) /* any 1-8 character unique name */ PROTOCOL(TCPIP)

  • Customize the CCITCP procedure delivered in CAIPROC and copy to your JES2 PROCLIB concatenation. This procedure will automatically be started by ENF during initialization when it reads the above PROTOCOL statement.

  • Update the ENF procedure so that the CCIPARM symbolic is uncommented, and the DD statement concatenated along with ENFPARMS DDname has been uncommented.

  • Start or recycled the ENF address space to allow CCI to initialize. If all has been setup properly a CAS9626I message indicating the CAICCI Subsystem is Operational will be generated, and you should see that ENF issues a S CCITCP,PARM=''. Ensure that CCITCP is active. This is the task that the CCI-PC application on the windows machine connects with. By default CCITCP will use port #1202. This must match the port# defined within the CAICCI-PC configuration. The port# can be changed on the PROTOCOL statement by specifying PROTOCOL(TCPIP,####) where #### is the preferred port number.

  • The CCI-PC application provides a TEST button. After configuring CCI-PC, click the TEST button to verify whether the connection to the CCITCP task running on the mainframe is successful. You should see a connection message in the CCITCP joblog showing the incoming connection attempt - CAS9899I: CCI TCP/IP Task 0002 has connected from peer...
  • Detailed information relating to this Windows to Mainframe setup can be found in the CA Common Services Administrator Guide.