How to setup CA WAAE to send standard SNMP traps to CA Common Components (C3) Event Manager?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The most common method of integrating CA WAAE with CA Common Components (C3) Event Manager is to install and configure an Event Agent on the WAAE Scheduler host as documented in the following URL:

Integrate with Event Management

However, the Event Manager can be setup as an SNMP Manager as it supports receiving and processing of SNMP v1, v2c, and v3 traps. CA WAAE can be configured to forward SNMP traps to the Event Manager for further processing. 

This technical article describes the procedure to configure C3 Event Manager as an SNMP Manager and setup WAAE to forward SNMP traps to the Event Manager.

CA Workload Automation AE 11.3.5 and 11.3.6 (all supported Service Packs).


Configure C3 Event Manager (Windows) to receive and translate/format SNMP automatically

1. Select Start, Programs, CA, Unicenter, NSM, Enterprise Management, EM Settings (Or execute command: caugui settings).
    The EM Settings window appears.

2. Click the Component Activation Flags tab at the bottom and the Client Preferences tab on the right.

3. Set the SNMP Trap Server Activated option to YES, and click Yes on the confirmation message.

4. Click the Event Management tab at the bottom and the Client Preferences tab on the right.

5. Set the Format traps using provided tables option to YES, and click Yes on the confirmation message.

6. From the Settings menu, click Exit.

7. Start up the CA Trap Daemon using command unicntrl start com. You should see "catrapd.exe" process on the Windows  Task Manager.

    At the MS-DOS prompt, type unifstat to check if it's running:

%CASP_I_124, Component Information for TRP
%CASP_I_125, Description:   SNMP Trap Services
%CASP_I_126, Current State: 500 - ACTIVE

%CASP_I_127, Events Queued: 0
%CASP_I_128, Requisites:    0
%CASP_I_129, SubComponents: 0

Configure CA WAAE to forward SNMP Traps to the C3 Event Manager

1. Set up WAAE to forward SNMP traps to SNMP Manager (C3 Event Manager) as documented in the URL below:

SnmpManagerHosts and SnmpCommunity

2. Ensure you are able to ping the Event Manager from the WAAE Scheduler host.

3. Confirm the SNMP services are configured. Look for the following default services and ports in /etc/services:

snmp                    161/tcp         # SNMP
snmp                    161/udp         # SNMP
snmptrap                162/tcp         # SNMPTRAP
snmptrap                162/udp         # SNMPTRAP

4. Restart the WAAE Scheduler and notice the following message in the Scheduler log

[21/01/2018 10:24:53]      CAUAJM_I_40356 SNMP trap generation : ENABLED (Trap Hosts:  <Event Manager Host> ).