How to setup CA SymDump for CICS PROTDMP file in multiple CICS regions and resolve an AEIP abend?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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As part of the base install of CA SymDump for CICS a PROTDMP file repository is created and dumps produced by application abends are written to the PROTDMP file. The default I-O operations on the FCT for the PROTDMP file are Add, Browse, Delete, Read and Update. Each CICS region regardless of the CICS level must have a unique PROTDMP file which gets allocated to CICS via the PROTDMP FCT entry with the above I-O operations defined. If two CICS regions try to use the same PROTDMP file with the above criteria the results can lead to an AEIP abend.


You cannot assign the same physical CA SymDump for CICS PROTDMP file in more than one CICS region as a PROTDMP DD statement. It must be unique.
The CA SymDump for CICS Installation Guide states:

 "Two or more concurrently active CICS regions cannot share the same CA SymDump for CICS PROTDMP file for update. ..."         

But you can READ a PROTDMP file from another CICS region as described in the User Guide chapter: "Production Strategies" sections: "Define CICS File Entries" and "Access Production Dumps".

So you can e.g. define a DMPPROD file, which is defined as PROTDMP file to another CICS region, as described in these sections.
If you encounter an AEIP abend, please define the CA SymDump for CICS PROTDMP file, you would like to read, as shown in the following sample:

DEFINE FILE(DMPPROD) GROUP(SYM80065)                      
       DESCRIPTION(CA-SYMDUMP FILE)                       
       STRINGS(3) DATABUFFERS(4)                          

Check that BROWSE and READ are set to YES via CEDA transaction in your CICS region. Otherwise an AEIP abend will occur.