How to setup alarm queues and replication on a Secondary Hub?

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We use secondary hubs in our environment and need to know what to consider with regards to alarm queues.


How to setup the alarm queues to receive alarms from Secondary Hubs?

alarm_enrichment 4.40 or laterbaseline_engine 2.34 or laternas 4.40 or laterProbe Provisioning Manager (PPM) 2.38 or laterprediction_engine 1.01 or later

There are two ways to achieve that:

a) Install a Secondary nas. 

b) Setup queues between your Primary and Secondary Hubs. 


If we go with a):

  • Starting with UIM 8.0, upon nas deployment, the following queues ("attach") are automatically created

        - alarm enrichment "alarm" queue.

        - nas "alarm2" queue.

  • Once the queues are created, we just need to enable the forwarding of the alarms from our Secondary nas to our Primary one by going to "Setup""Forwarding & Replication", checking the "Relay forwarded alarm events" check-box and adding (right click, "New") a new definition. We will need to choose the Destination Alarm Server as well as the type of communication we want: bidirectional, unidirectional, etc.


If we go with b):

  • We need to have the same queues (that were automatically created upon nas deployment) in the Secondary Hub.
  • We need to create queues ("get") in our Primary Hub that point to the queues that have been previously created in our Secondary Hub (nas and alarm_enrichment, in our example).
  • The queues can be created as follows:

        1.  Open the hub probe GUI on the secondary hub.

        2.  Navigate to the Queues tab .

        3.  Click on New.

        4.  Name your new queue something like alarms_from_secondary_hub, check "Active", specify "get" for Type, specify the secondary hub for Address and choose "nas" for Queue.

        5. Repeat steps 1-4 but modify the "nas" for the "alarm_enrichment" queue if you want to have a queue that picks up the enriched alarms. You can call your queue something like alarms_enriched_from_secondary_hub.



  • The process to enrich your alarms when working with alarms in Secondary Hubs is the same process as when you enrich your alarms in your Primary Hub
  • Starting with UIM 8.2, some new queues are created:
  • prediction_engine.PREDICTION_CONFIG: The queue is read by prediction_engine probe.
  • baseline_engine.BASELINE_CONFIG: The queue is read by baseline_engine probe.
  • health_index_alarms, health_index_qos_messages:  Those queues are read by health_index probe.
  • cfg_job_status_queue: The queue is read by ace probe.
  • tot_rule_config: The queue is read by alarm_enrichment probe.
  • Regarding this article, you may see (depending on your environment) that, upon nas deployment, the "tot_rule_config" queue is created. In order for this queue to be created, the following probes need to be running at your system:
  • alarm_enrichment 4.40 or later
  • baseline_engine 2.34 or later
  • nas 4.40 or later
  • Probe Provisioning Manager (PPM) 2.38 or later
  • prediction_engine 1.01 or later
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