How to set up the Queue File (QFILE) for CA Disk DMSAR manager in a multi-system environment

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Last Modified Date : 31/01/2019
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A Queue File cannot be shared among systems.
This is documented in chapter "Configuration Data Sets (non-SMP/E)" under link - 
CA Disk with Auto-Restore Manager (ARM) active on multiple-systems.
At first, check parameter DSNPFX in the VKGPARMS member and allocate separate Queue Files with the LPAR name as suffix: dsnpfx.QUEUE.lpar
Use the sample JCL in member J01QFILE of the vantage.CCTUSAMP library to allocate these Queue Files.
Then define the Queue File name via parameter QUEUE in the VKGPARMS member:  
The variable &SYSNAME. will be resolved by the LPAR name.
Note: QUEUE (%%DSNPFX%%.QUEUE) is the default.

The resolved Queue File name will be shown during Vantage start-up in messages: 
VAN1111I QUEUE ! %%DSNPFX%%.QUEUE.&SYSNAME. ! dsnpfx.QUEUE.lpar 
KNG0470I Queue File OK, DSN=dsnpfx.QUEUE.lpar