How to set up the CA View PDF Archiver?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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This document will outline the steps needed to define and implement the CA View PDF Archiver.


Steps required to install the CA View PDF Archiver .

  1. 1. The Dynamic JES commands that will temporarily define a sample JES Printer called PRT83 are listed below.
    Change the overrides to the requirements for your site. This collector is using Class and Prmode as the selection criteria. We suggest that these printer definitions are created in the respective z/OS system members so that when the system is IPL'ed , the commands will not need to be re-issued.


  2. A sample proc for the CA View PDF Archiver can be found in member CBRMSPDF in the CVDEPROC library
    The CVDEOPTN library will contain the custom built PDF Indexing members used for indexing the processed PDF document from Jess. An example of the PDF Indexing member called CAHAPDFD is located in the CVDEOPTN LIBRARY.

    //CBRMSPDF PROC CAI=CAI           /* HLQ FOR CA VIEW */                   //**********************************************************************         //***                                                                ***         //***         CBRMSPDF - PDF INDEXING PROCEDURE                      ***       //***                                                                ***         //**********************************************************************         //***                                                                ***         //CBRMSPDF EXEC PGM=SARFSS,REGION=0M,TIME=NOLIMIT  //*//STEPLIB   DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&CAI..CVDELOAD <=== VIEW LOAD LIBRARY               //***                                                                ***         //PDFINDEX DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&CAI..CVDEOPTN    <=== PDF INDEXING MEMBERS             //***                                                                ***         //*********************************************************************         //*** THE FOLLOWING DD'S ARE SHOWING HOW TO USE THE DEFAULTED DD NAMES*         //*** PDFTRACE AND PDFREPRT. YOU CAN OVERRIDE THESE DEFAULT DD'S IN ***         //*** THE PRINTER MEMBER SPECIFIED AS SHOWN BELOW IN PRT83 DD.      ***         //*********************************************************************         //***                                                               ***         //PDFTRACE DD SYSOUT=X         <----  DEFAULT TRACE DATASET                     //PDFTRC83 DD SYSOUT=X         <----  SET IN TRACEDDN IN INDEX MEMBER           //PDFREPRT DD SYSOUT=X         <----  DEFAULT PDF REPORT DATASET                //PDFREP83 DD SYSOUT=X         <----  SET IN REPRTDDN IN INDEX MEMBER           //***                                                               ***         //*********************************************************************         //*** THE FOLLOWING CBRMOPTN MEMBER CONTAINS THE FSS COLLECTOR      ***         //*** INITIALIZATION PARAMETERS. EXAMPLE MEMBER NAME IS CAHAPDFE.   ***         //*********************************************************************         //***                                                               ***         //PRT83    DD DISP=SHR,DSN=&CAI..CVDEOPTN(CAHAPDFE) <- PRINTER MEMBER           //***                                                               ***         //SARLOG   DD SYSOUT=X                                                          //SYSUDUMP DD SYSOUT=X                                                          //SYSPRINT DD SYSOUT=X                                                          //STDERR   DD SYSOUT=X                                                          //SYSOUT   DD SYSOUT=X                                                          //SYSTERM  DD SYSOUT=X                                                          //*                                                                             //        PEND

  3. Create the CA View printer definition

    The printer definition in the PDF Collector FSS PROC is pointed to by a DD statement that matches the printer name (PRT83):


    PRT83 is used and the DD points to member CAHAPDFE in CAI.CVDEOPTN. The following is a sample of what this member might look like:


    INDEXMEM= is a default member name in the PDFINDEX data set that you can use in case you want to accept PDF documents without any PDF indexing requirements. A member can be defined in the PDF index data set for the PDF document and contain no parameters if you wish to control indexing requirements per PDF document.

    If the report has no matching member in the PDFINDEX data set and a member name has not been specified for INDEXMEM or the member name specified does not exist, the report will be processed using the PDF Collector default values and the report will not be indexed.