How to set TIM trace options and collect TIM logs for troubleshooting CA APM Customer Experience (CE/CEM) issues.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When troubleshooting APM CE (CEM) issues, CA Support may ask for TIM logs after enabling some or all of the TIM trace options. After doing this, the resulting log file provides more details about the transactions but also its size will increase rapidly.

  1. Log in to the TIM Setup UI web page either via CEM->Setup->Monitors->"TIM IP Address URL link" or direct through the web browser. The TIM Setup page is http://<TIM_HOST_IP>/cgi-bin/ca/apm/tim/index
  2. As directed by CA Support, select the specific Tim Trace Options check boxes. Make sure that the "TIM Trace filters" are not checked.
  3. Click on "Set Options and Filters." and then "Erase the TIM Log."
  4. Select "Return to TIM Setup without making any changes"
  5. Click on "Configure TIM Settings"
  6. Select "MaxLogSizeInMB"
  7. Enter a new value of 200 and click "Change"
  8. Click on "Return to the Configuration Page" 
  9. Click on "Return to TIM Setup without making any changes"
  10. Try to generate some data by accessing one or more transactions for an application.
  11. Go to TIM console again and click on "Collect TIM log and Configuration Files"
  12. Unless otherwise advised by Support keep the defaults of Log Files, Configuration Files, Packet Statistics files and Click on "Collect files."
  13. Click on Save which will download the file to your desktop which can then be uploaded to CA Support.
Additional Information:

1. Enabling all the TIM trace options can increase TIM CPU usage and impact the TIM performance e.g. on an MTP the RAM disk may fill up due to TIM not being able to clear it quickly enough. Therefore it is advised to only enable the trace options with care and under the instruction of Support who will often request just a subset of trace options to be set to troubleshoot a specific type of problem.

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