How to set automatic transaction traces on the EM.

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Last Modified Date : 13/03/2018
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How to set automatic transaction traces on the EM?

Introscope from 9.7 awards.

In the <EM_HOME>/Config directory, create a new file called:


Populate this file with the following:

<?xml version="1.0"?>


<TraceSession enabled="true" agentExpression=".*"> <!--trace all transactions lasting longer than 5 sec-->

                <ThresholdFilter thresholdInMillis=“50"/>


<TraceSession enabled=“true" agentExpression=".*"><!-- capture traces that match each of the filters contained within the AndFilter -->


                               <ThresholdFilter thresholdInMillis="2"/> <!-- capture traces with a duration that exceeds the given threshold --> 

                               <ErrorFilter errorString="*"/><!-- capture traces that match the given error string glob --> 





Save the file and then restart the Enterprise Manager for these settings to take effect.