How to scratch a particular tape ahead of its normal expiration date.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a way to scratch a particular tape ahead of its normal expiration date.


Any dataset version can be scratched at any time using the SCRATCH function of the CA EPIC Online Manager (screen TSIO0200.D) or the TSIDMNT utility.

To perform the scratch with the Online Manager, enter the EPIC main menu TSIO0001.O -------- EPIC - Primary Option Menu.
Select M, Search and Manage EPIC Catalog.
Locate the dataset you want to scratch in the TSIO0220.n ---------- EPIC - Manage Versions panel.
Place an 'S' in the command field beside the dataset name.
When you press enter, a message will appear asking you to confirm your action;
"Type YES on the command line and press ENTER to execute the SCRATCH command."
In order to release a multi-file tape, all dataset versions on that tape must be scratched.

To perform the same action in batch, use the TSIDMNT utility. For example;


This is different from the SCRATCH function of the TSIDUTL program, which reviews all the datasets in the DSN Catalog and deletes all versions that are eligible for scratch.


Additional Information: 

A dataset is considered eligible for scratch when ALL the retention criteria have been satisfied.
For more information, see the CA EPIC User Reference for more information on Retention and Scratching and for details on the use of screens and utilities.

Link to CA Epic User Reference Guide