How to schedule CA XCOM Transfers in Windows

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Last Modified Date : 25/01/2019
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Normally a transfer submitted for processing is run immediately.  Can it be scheduled for a future time?

XCOM provides two parameters which allow to specify a specific day and time at which the transfer is to be processed.
These parameters are START_DATE and START_TIME. In the Windows GUI you can specify the desired day and time for a scheduled transfer in the section "Misc Options" in field 'START'. You can specify day and time directly using format "mm/dd/yy hh:mm:ss" or click on the calendar symbol to select from the incorporated calendar.

When using the command xcomtcp you specify START_DATE=mm/dd/yy and START_TIME=hh:mm:ss.
There are alias parameters STARTDATE and STARTTIME available which allow different formats:
 STARTDATE=yyyymmdd (20151231 represents Dec. 31st, 2015)
 STARTDATE=yyddd    (Julian date, 16001 represents the first day of 2016) 
 STARTDATE=+nnn     (nnn days from today, nnn in the range from 0 to 999)

 STARTTIME=hhmm     (1300 represents 1 pm)
 STARTTIME=+hhmm    (+0330 represents start in three and a half hour)
We do not have a more detailed scheduling available inside XCOM which would allow to execute a transfer every monday, every 1st day of a month or every working day at 2pm. That is not necessary as there is the Task Scheduler available which is delivered with Windows. In Windows 7 click on the Windows Button in the lower left, then enter the string 'schedule' into field "Search programs and files". Then you see the Task Scheduler which allows more detailed scheduling.  
On a Windows Server, bring up the task scheduler and you can run a program or a script