How to run S36 COMMANDS on OS/400 through CA Workload Automation AE 11.3

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The native AS400 commands works fine with the Agent but any S36 mode command fails from AutoSys 11.3.


Server: Workload Automation AE r11.3 run on Linux
Client: WAA r11.3 run on i5/OS V7R1

We can run normal AS400 jobs on the agent. The s36 mode command via AutoSys fails to run.

In the agent log we get to see the following message:

 Statement . . . . . . . . . :   50
 Message . . . . :   Function S/36 environment not allowed.
 Cause . . . . . :   Function S/36 environment is not allowed in a job which
 is capable of running with multiple threads.


Modify the Job as follows:

 delete_job: AS400_JOB12
 insert_job: AS400_JOB12   job_type: I5
 machine: <hostname>
 owner: username@host
 date_conditions: 0
 alarm_if_fail: 1
 i5_action: COMMAND
 i5_cc_exit: *SEVERITY
 i5_process_priority: NORMAL
 i5_others: ALWMLTTHD=*NO

The most important option in the AutoSys Job definition is:

 i5_others: ALWMLTTHD=*NO

Multithreaded program startup commands
To call a multithreaded program, the job in which the program is called must be capable of supporting multiple threads (multithread-capable).

In the OS/400 kernel threads support, only a subset of the supported job types can create threads.

Interactive and communication jobs do no provide multithread-capable support.

The parameter Allow Multithread (ALWMLTTHD), which is located in the Create Job Description (CRTJOBD) and Change Job Description (CHGJOBD) commands, controls whether the job supports multiple threads. OS/400 examines all job types except communications jobs and interactive jobs for the ALWMLTTHD parameter. The Add Prestart Job Entry (ADDPJE) and Change Prestart Job.