How to Run Reports from CA PPM Reports and Jobs

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Last Modified Date : 07/12/2018
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Use case: Management wants users to access the Studio reports, but do not want them to go to the Jaspersoft Advanced Reporting UI
1) Navigate to CA PPM Advanced Reporting UI:
- Information like user, language, locale, UI theme, etc. are passed to the Jasper Report Server.
- Navigation in the report server, including permissions, is handled by the report server.
2) Running reports from CA PPM Reports and Jobs:
- Report execution is handled by the Jasper Report Server
- However here it is accomplished via API calls
- The report is executed by the report server and the output is transferred to the CA PPM
CA PPM Reports and Jobs
Minimum access right to run the reports from CA PPM Reports and Jobs:

1) At least one access right because the user has to exist in the jaspersoft
when the job runs it only picks up ppm users given advanced reporting access rights.
2) Recommend Give the report create right - because eventhough right says create it's not for the creation, it's for execution of the report
3) Report - Access (global right) to see from the application the sub menu reports and jobs
4) User should be added to one of the CA PPM PMO Advanced Reporting Group or any of the custom groups the user is maintaining in the CA PPM. With this group the user is added to the 'PMO Advanced Reporting' group in PPM we have a corresponding CSK role in Jaspersoft. Because the ID's are the same when you run the Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles job the user automatically gets the csk role, which means now he is able to see the reports access the reports for that particular project, product, application for what ever group he is in.
The last two are here for the purpose when you click on the parameters you should see some values. Depends on which report you are running.
5) Resource - View (Instance right on few resources)
6) Project - View (Instance right on few projects)
After creating the user in CA PPM and Assign the proper access rights.

Jobs to run:
Update Report Tables
Load Datawarehouse
Load Datawarehouse Access Rights
Create and Update Jaspersoft Users (so that all the users who have AR access right will be created in Japsersoft)
Synchronize Jaspersoft Roles (so that all the users who are in the advanced reporting group or any other group which has the corresponding role in Japsersoft they will get that role in JS)
Additional Information:
Run, Schedule, and Share Reports