How to run mixed case password through EASINET ?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to run mixed case password through EASINET?

SOLVE:Access 5.0

The mixed case password can be enabled from RUNSYSIN through XOPT=(PWMIX) parm.

 However, the EASINET procedure and the panel invoked from the procedure are not aligned with this option by default which converts all passwords in upper case.

 Here are the steps to support mixed case password when running EASINET:

1. Verify fixes RO93854, RO96620, RO96621 and RO96639 are applied to allow both chosen and forced
        password change from within Netmaster. 

 2.   Edit the EASINET procedure and insert &CONTROL NOUCASE at the beginning of the proc.
        Ensure no other &CONTROL UCASE is coded somewhere after.

 3. If you have a custom EASINET procedure that includes a &SECCHK call, ensure that all such calls are
        changed to use the newer &SECCALL.  Syntax and usage information can be found here

4. If you have a custom $EASIUPW member, try renaming it (after completion of #1) and see if logons work
   If it does need to remain in place, please follow steps 2 and 3 for this proc.

 5.   Edit the panels containing the password field through /PANELS with option L (list).
        Change the panel attribute used for the password as the following example :

        If the panel contains @psw  field to accept the password, then set  

        (CAPS=NO prevents conversion from lower to upper case)


Additional Information:

 The complete description of panel attributes can be found from CA Solve:Access Session Management Network Control Language Programming Guide 5.0 – Chapter 7: Designing Interactive Panels (Panel Services).

 The complete information for the &SECCALL can be found on under SOLVE:Access 5.0 in the CA Netmaster Shared Content Library section.  Select the NCL Reference and go to the section Verbs and Built-in Functions.