How to run JCLCHECK under Advantage CA-Roscoe

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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In order to run Advantage CA-Roscoe's monitor JCLCHECK successfully, you must first format the CA-JCLCHECK Runtime Options table. Roscoe usermod MRO6033 may be used to assemble this table. You may refer to the CA-JCLCHECK Utility Reference Guide, Chapter 3 "Description of Runtime Options", for further information. A sample list is: 'ROSC, AU, EA,TERM'. Note: when running under CA-Roscoe the first parameter in the list must be "ROSC". We also suggest that you include "NOLIST" to avoid unwanted listings at the terminal.

A RUN=JCK(SX) statement must be included in the Roscoe SYSIN or a CMD04 COMMAND NOT RECOGNIZED error message will be issued by CA-Roscoe.

To execute JCLCHECK under CA-Roscoe, attach the data you wish to examine in your active AWS and enter the command JCK <optn> where <optn> is up to 64 bytes of options that are to be appended to the JCLOPTS field. Error messages will be displayed at the terminal.

If you wish to see the JCLCHECK parameters listed at the terminal, replace JCK with JCK-D in the command above.

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