How to run CA Easytrieve release 6.4 load modules without recompiling the programs under compatibility runtime library for release 11.x when ALL31=OFF is set in release 6.4.

Document ID : KB000055159
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Any load module compiled under release 6.4 will run just fine under release 11.x compatibility library, even if ALL31 was set to OFF in the 6.4 option table. Because the ALL31 option is dynamic, the setting at execution time is the setting used.

The EZTPOPT module from release 6.4 CAILIB needs to be copied into the r11.x CAILIB, assuming that the ALL31=OFF is set in that options table. When executing a linked 6.4 application using the r11.x CAILIB, it runs as a 6.4 application. The actual 6.4 runtime option is in the r11.x CAILIB. So, this means it uses the EZTPOPT module, not the r11.x options file named EZOPTBL.

Please note: The NEWFUNC parameter specifies whether to use the standard 11.x Compiler or the Compatibility Mode Compiler to compile your Easytrieve programs. This parameter does not have any impact on Link-edited Easytrieve programs.