How to run CA Datacom as a started task (STC)?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to run CA Datacom Multi-User (MUF) as a started task (STC)?


CA Datacom Multi-User (MUF) can be executed as a started task (STC) or submitted as a job.               

To build the started task JCL, take your existing Datacom startup JCL (PGM=DBMUFPR) or start with the sample INSTJCL member MUFSTRT for Datacom/DB or ADvvSTRT for Datacom/AD (where vv is the Datacom/AD version) then:                

- Remove the JCL JOB card.                                                    

- Remove any JCLLIB statement.                                            

- Copy the contents of any JCL INCLUDE members in stream.  

- Remove any JCL INCLUDE statements.  


Additional Information:

There are no other special requirements for running the MUF as an STC.