How to review changes made to CA TPX panels?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to review changes made to CA TPX panels?



Within TPXADMIN System Options, the TPX Reload and Display (option R) allows you to view panel changes you have made. This also includes changes made to Help panels.

Attempting to display the panels using ISPF Dialogue Manager may result in errors because of the way that TPX builds the panels and resolves values.  You will avoid those errors by using option R within TPX.

Ensure that all custom panels are kept in a separate library from the delivered TPX panels.  The custom library should be concatenated ahead of the delivered panels on the PANELS DD statement of the TPX PROC.

To access the TPX Reload and Display panel:

  1. Logon to TPXADMIN.

  2. Select TPX System Options (option 1).

  3. Select Reload and Display Panel (option R).

  4. Here on the TPX Reload and Display Panel you can enter any panelid. The panelid is normally displayed in the top right corner of the TPX panels.

If changes has been made to the panel being displayed, it will also be reloaded at that time.

If no changes were made, then the panel will only be displayed.

NOTE:  When making significant panel changes, you ay want to make a copy of the panel with a name that does not currently exist within TPX.  Once you are happy with the results, then rename it to the production name and reload.