How to retrieve/reactivate deleted knowledge documents in a published state?

Document ID : KB000053355
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Many client might want to retrieve the deleted Knowledge documents in a published state.


When we Search for Knowledge Documents from under Knowledge Tab, it will only display those documents that are in Published Status. This is determined by the column "active_state" present under the SKELETONS table.

Active State      -              Status
       0          -              Published
       1          -              Draft
       2          -              Retired
     -100         -              Deleted

In order to re-activate you will have to update the Active State value from -100 to 0 (Draft State) or 1(Published State) using tool such SQL Query Analyzer, Management Studio or Oracle SQLPlus or Enterprise Management.

  • select * from SKELETONS where active_state=-100
    • This will display list of deleted documents.

  • update SKELETONS set active_state = 0 where active_state=-100
    • This will set all the documents in deleted state to published state.
    • Run pdm_cache_refresh -t SKELETONS