How to resolve VMXPWJ0166E message?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Use the JOURNAL command to display or clear information about invalid  password conditions for a specific user ID or terminal.   

The JOURNAL command is documented in the VM:Secure Reference Guide - Chapter 2: Command Reference 

Below is a snippet of the JOURNAL command, refer to the Reference Guide for the description and syntax.                   
To list current journal information:                                        
JOURNAL {LIST | LISTPSWD } [{userid1 | termaddr} [command [userid2 [vaddr]]]]
To reset journal entries:                                                   
JOURNAL RESET {userid1 | termaddr} command [userid2 [vaddr]]                

Specifies a terminal address for which to review or reset invalid          

for example - If you received the following - 

logon maint by <userid>  

VMXPWJ0166E Terminal '' exceeded the CP logon password limit.

HCPLGA050E LOGON unsuccessful--incorrect password  


Since the error is on the TERMid and the action was LOGON 

The command would look something like -