How to resolve RADIUS Authentication failure with response code 1001 with UDS exception

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Last Modified Date : 27/11/2018
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RADIUS Authentication fails due to  enabled "Authentication and Authorization For Web Services".  The error in arcotwebfort.log is :

11/19/18 14:28:03.279 DEBUG RADIUS       00006768 00001003 - ---------------------------------------------------------------
11/19/18 14:28:03.279 INFO  RADIUS       00006768 00001003 - The API is protected. Checking for authorization
11/19/18 14:28:03.295 WARN  RADIUS       00006768 00001003 - [UDS] ArUDSException caught: User identifier is mandatory.
11/19/18 14:28:03.295 INFO  RADIUS       00006768 00001003 - Platform::UDS::udsCommonDefs::ArUDSException. Err Code : 31119
11/19/18 14:28:03.295 INFO  RADIUS       00006768 00001003 - Access denied for request.
11/19/18 14:28:03.295 INFO  RADIUS       00006768 00001003 - RADIUS Protocol[requestIP=]: Authentication Failed [1001].

Correcting this Authorizaton error requires one to  do the following:

1. Either disable "Authentication and Authorization For Web Services" using the  Master Admin UI Console. Refer to the "Answer" section below.

2. OR if using AFM (Arcot Flow Manager), please provide the required Authorization as discussed below in the "Answer" section. 
How to resolve RADIUS Authentication failure with response code 1001 with UDS exception?
CA Strong Authentication Server
Answer1 - Disabling "Authorization for WebServices and API Calls"

1. Logon to the Master Admin console
2. Click on the "Services and Server Configuration" tab
3. Click on "Administration Console" tab
4. Click on "Authentication and Authorization" under "Webservices" label
5. Move all the contents under "Enable" to "Disable" using the "<<" button then "Save" the changes. 

User-added image

6. Refresh the Cache for changes above to take affect.
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Answer 2 - Authorizing the Webservices by providing the Global Admin's "userid", "OrgName" and "credential" in Please refer to the section in

# ======================================================================
# webservice authentication service parameters
# ======================================================================


Note the ArcotAFMWizard allows one to generate and populate the file via this screen shared below

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