How to resolve a frozen package scenario when the promotion of the package failed?

Document ID : KB000055443
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Assume the following:

  • PackageA contains version1 of itemA
  • PackageB contains version2 of itemA
  • User approves packageB
  • User then tries to promote packageB, but the promotion fails because of e.g. a package dependency.

Note: For the same item, the lower mapped versions have to be in the target view, before the higher mapped version to be promoted to that view.

Since the approval process marks packageB in a frozen state, it is not possible to checkout or delete version2. Neither is it possible to delete version1 because it is the parent version of version2.

To resolve the situation, follow the steps detailed below:

  1. Use the 'reject' process to unfreeze PackageB
  2. Use the 'switch package' process to move version1 to PacakgeB, or version2 to PackageA
  3. Promote the package which contains both version1 and version2 to the next state/view
  4. Delete the remaining package if necessary.