How to reset time interval of kpi_ticket_data within CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM)

Document ID : KB000031030
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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After installing the CA SDM kpi_ticket_data_table option, the time taken to update this table is around 30 minutes.  How can this time interval be reset?


This interval can be redefined by following below steps:

Default Values


1.  Edit file NX.env, located in the Service Desk Manager installation directory (NX_ROOT).

2.  Add @NX_KPI_TICKET_DATA_TABLE_DELAY and @NX_KPI_TICKET_DATA_MAX_ROWS lines at the end of the NX.env file and add an extra carriage return.

Example :


3.  Make the same change to the above variables to the file NX.env_NT.tpl located under NX_ROOT\pdmconf directory.

4.  Repeat the steps for all CA SDM secondary servers if required.

5.  Recycle CA SDM service to bring the above changes into effect.


1.  The values are in Seconds. Default value is 1800 Seconds (i.e. 3 minutes). You may increase or decrease this value as per your requirements.
2.  Updating the NX.env_NT.tpl file ensures that this change is propragated through to the NX.env file at the next reconfiguration (pdm_configure).
3.  It is recommended to use a plain text editor, such as Notepad, when editing the NX.ENV file so that no special characters are included.
4.  Type 'nxcd' from a command prompt to go straight to the CA SDM default installation location.