How to Reset the OrientDB Root Password for TDM Portal

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Last Modified Date : 13/09/2018
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TDM Portal uses the OrientDB for some operations. OrientDB is installed/configured during the TDM Portal installation. Should the OrientDB root user's password be forgotten, or otherwise required to be reset, these are the instructions on how to accomplish this within OrientDB and the necessary configuration changes for TDM Portal.
  1. Stop the CA Test Data Manager Portal Services
  2. Stop the OrientDB service
  3. Edit C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\orientdb\config\orientdb-server-config.xml and delete the following lines:
    • <user resources="*" password="{algorithm}ENCRYPTEDSTRING" name="root"/>
    • <isAfterFirstTime>true</isAfterFirstTime>
  4. Save the file.
  5. Open a command prompt
  6. cd C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\orientdb\bin
  7. run: server.bat
  8. When prompted, type the new root password
  9. Open a second command prompt
  10. cd C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\orientdb\bin
  11. Optional: confirm that OrientDB works properly by running: console.bat "connect localhost root password;list databases"
    replace "password" accordingly. Output will be similar to this:
    OrientDB console v.2.2.33 (build 77584cd6827f647cf4aa231cf27bd6f10bc04e2c, branch 2.2.x)
    Type 'help' to display all the supported commands.
    Installing extensions for GREMLIN language v.2.6.0
    orientdb> connect localhost root password
    Connecting to remote Server instance [localhost] with user 'root'...OK
    orientdb {server=remote:localhost/}> list databases
    Found 1 databases:
    * ReservationDB (plocal)
  12. run: shutdown.bat -p password
    The orientdb server running in the first command prompt should now exit and return to the command prompt.
  13. cd C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\service\bin
  14. run: EncryptionUtil.bat -p
  15. Enter and Re-Enter the new password that was set for the root users in OrientDB in step 8.
  16. Copy the Encrypted password including the "{cry}" prefix:
    Encrypted password:{cry}nGG5TNki5fYGyTgHSctDnIg7UcctXw9Coebal43J8+5y
  17. Edit C:\Program Files\CA\CA Test Data Manager Portal\conf\
  18. Update the graphdb_root_password line accordingly:
  19. Save the file
  20. Start the OrientDB service
  21. Start the CA Test Data Manager Portal service
Additional Information:
Instructions partially taken from OrientDB documentation and modified to TDM's needs accordingly.

Additional details on the EncryptionUtil command.