How to reset MCS monitoring

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Last Modified Date : 31/01/2019
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Attention!!! Going through the steps of the Article will completely reset MCS and all monitoring profiles will have to be recreated manually.

Can we reset MCS monitoring as I have some issues with profiles?


Follow the steps below to reprocess the MCS templates and repopulate the SSRV2Template db table. 

UIM 8.5 and earlier

  1. Deactivate mon_config_service probe 
  2. Copy SSRV2_drop_all_tables.sql and Create_SSRV2_tables.sql under $Nimsoft\probes\service\mon_config_service\scripts\database\<your_DB_type> folder to DB server and run the scripts
  3. Activate the mon_config_service probe
  4. Delopy mon_config_service probe_templates from Archive 
  5. Create and deploy a profile under Monitoring tab in USM


UIM 8.51 and later

  1. Deactivate mon_config_service probe 
  2. Browse to the Nimsoft\probes\service\mon_config_service\lib directory
  3. Copy the mcs-db-scripts.jar file to the desktop.  (Make sure you do not move this file)
  4. Rename the file to
  5. Open the ZIP file and extract the following files (\\legacy\sqlserver or mysql or oracle, depending on the UIM database in use):
    1. SSRV2_drop_all_tables.sql
    2. Create_SSRV2_tables.sql
  6. Copy the two .sql files to DB server and run the scripts to drop and then create the table structure (right-click on each file > Open With > Keep using SQL Server Management Studio). If any table cannot is not removed by the query, please remove them manually.
  7. Run the following SQL command: DROP TABLE SSRV2SchemaMigration;
  8. Activate the mon_config_service probe
  9. Delopy mon_config_service probe_templates from Archive 
  10. Create and deploy a profile under Monitoring tab in USM
Additional Information:

If working on Oracle and using either SQL*Plus or SQL Developer you need to run

SQL> set define off;
before you run the script to avoid an issue with a label containing the & character. see here for an explanation.

this process was also used to solve the below error in the MCS logs:

Mar 18 11:08:51:698 [main, mon_config_service] The statistics 'poller' is dependent on column 'poller'.
Mar 18 11:08:52:205 [1352] Controller: Max. restarts reached for probe

Also, for UIM 9.01EA, due to an issue with the V9_0_0_00__Add_SSRV2PolicyProfileBlob_Table.sql migration script added in (.01 EA, after executing the SSRV2_drop_all_tables.sql make sure you also drop the following before executing the Create_SSRV2_tables.sql script:




Note regarding MySQL (Upgrade from UIM 8.5.1 to 9.0.2 with MySQL v5.7)
- If the reset of MCS does not resolve the issues being see with mon_config_service, e.g., not starting, please also check this article:

MCS (mon_config_service) monitoring stopped working after upgrading UIM from 8.5.1 to version 9.0.2