How to replace an ARA package with any version ?

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Last Modified Date : 03/07/2018
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When we updating the package in ARA system, there is a change that the updated package is not working correctly, so how we can rollback the original package ?
 Since the Plugin Manager ( working via AWI) will not let us downgrade the package

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    We can archive this purpose via Package Manager (command line base)  with option --replace as the command below

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C:\RM\rm7\Package.Manager_client2\bin>apm install --from-file "C:\RM\rm7\Package.Manager_client2\bin\Package.DM" --replace
Connecting to Automation Engine: system = AE12; host = localhost:12217; client = 2; user = RM7/RM7
Enter Automation Engine password:
Install from file
                  Path: C:\RM\rm7\Package.Manager_client2\bin\Package.DM
   Ignore Dependencies: false
      Replace Existing: true
    Prune Empty Folder: false
  Use Existing Appdata: false
Resolution order:
        PCK.AUTOMIC_DM 1.2.5 will be installed
Do you want to continue [y/N]? y
Installation of Pack PCK.AUTOMIC_DM in version 1.2.5 started
Importing Pack content...