How to remove the Urgency field from the CA Service Desk Manager (CA SDM) Employee Interface

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Last Modified Date : 01/02/2019
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What is the best approach to masking out or removing the Urgency field from the Employee web interface, to prevent users under the Employee role from modifying the urgency field?

    CA Service Desk Manager 12.9 and higher (please see "Additional Information" for earlier releases)

    There is a setting in Options Manager called "urgency_on_employee" which can be used to control the display of the Urgency field.

    Depending on how Priority Calculation is configured, when the priority calculation is disabled, this option can replace the priority field with the urgency field. When the priority calculation is enabled, this option can hide and show the urgency field.

    Setting the Option to "No" and having Priority Calculation enabled (under Administration tab, access Service Desk -> Requests/Incidents/Problems -> Priority Calculation) will be the combination of settings needed to hide the Urgency field.

      Additional Information:

      The following are older instructions that apply to releases before Service Desk 12.9.  They are supplied here for informational purposes only.  

      Note: The solution below describes a form customization. It is highly recommended you test this thoroughly, especially if you are using Priority Calculation.

      1. Launch the CA SDM Web Screen Painter
      2. Open the Employee version of the detail_in.htmpl form as shown in Figure 1

        Figure 1
        Figure 1
      3. Find and then remove the following lines

        <PDM_MACRO name=dtlReadonly hdr="Urgency" attr="urgency">

        detailDropdown("Urgency", "urgency","pri", 1, 20, true, "$args.urgency.persistent_id", def_urg_enum, "no", "$args.urgency.COMMON_NAME_ATTR", def_urg_sym, "", "", "no", "", "", "",
        urg_string );

        Note: The above code does reference the priority field. The OOB versions of these forms displays only the Urgency field by default. Removal of the above code is valid.
      4. Open the Employee version of the detail_cr.htmpl form and repeat step #3
      5. Save (FILE->SAVE) and Publish (FILE -> PUBLISH) the changes
      6. Run the PDM_WEBCACHE -H command on the CA SDM server(s)
      7. Clear web browser cache and access CA SDM as an Employee user and verify that the Urgency and Priority fields are no longer seen