How to re-enable alarm enrichment

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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How to re-enable alarm enrichment?

UIM 8.51

Imp: Please take a backup of the nas folder prior to any changes.


1. Deactivate the 'nas' probe 

2. Open nas in Raw Config and locate the key 'subject'.

3. Modify the value of key from 'alarm' to 'alarm2'.

4. Next open Hub probe GUI and modify 'nas' queue subject to 'alarm2'.

5. In the same Hub probe GUI if alarm_enrichment queue still exists then activate that as well.If not it will recreate. 

6. Go to controller.cfg on the host machine where nas is deployed. 

7. Locate section <nas></nas> 

Add below value just in next line from 'workdir' 

start_after = alarm_enrichment 

8. Next add below entire section just above the nas section:



description = Alarm Enrichment Server 

group = Infrastructure 

active = no 

type = daemon 

command = <startup java> 

arguments = -Dfile.encoding=UTF-8 -jar ../lib/alarm_enrichment.jar 

config = alarm_enrichment.cfg 

logfile = alarm_enrichment.log 

workdir = probes/service/nas/alarm_enrichment 

magic_key = 



9. Save the Config and restart the Nimsoft Watcher Services. 

10. Once restarted alarm_enrichment should start reflecting. 

11. Start alarm_enrichment, the probe might immediately start reflecting down with a lock symbol. 

12. Right-Click alarm_enrichment--->Security-->Validate 

13. In a few moments alarm_enrichment should be back up and running. 

14. Start your nas probe. 

15. Validate the settings.