How to redirect an agent to a new Scalability Server

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Last Modified Date : 23/05/2018
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Here are a few different ways to move an agent from one SS/DM to another on ITCM/ITCA version 14.x.

All ITCM/ITCA supported environments
Any agent that is not also on a Scalability Server* can be redirected to a different Scalability Server at any time via the following command line:

     caf setserveraddress <new SS name or IP>

In DSM Explorer you can also just right-click on a machine in the ALL COMPUTERS, or other computer, group and in the context menu that pops up, you can select 'Change Scalability Server'. If you do this, a window will appear with a list of all Scalability Servers in a pull-down menu; you just select the one you want and click 'OK'. Shortly thereafter the selected machines will be redirected to a new Scalability Server.

You can also redirect agents to a new Scalability Server via a custom configuration policy which can be directly applied to systems or applied to computer groups, allowing any machine in those groups or added to those groups later, to be redirected automatically to the specified SS machines. Unlike the right-click method, this will work on systems that are not online at the time you perform the action, as they will be redirected automatically when they do come back online later.

The setting to perform this action can be found in the configuration policy** at:
     DSM => Agent => Common Agent => Common => Scalability server address

NOTE: This setting is locally managed by default. When you set a value it should change to Centrally Managed in which case the little Red circle to the left of the setting name will disappear. If it does not, you can right-click on the 'Scalability server address' item and select 'Setting => Centrally Managed'.

*The agent on a Scalability Server should always point to itself or 'Localhost'.

**Be careful when redirecting agents via Configuration Policy as there is no validation of the server name you set. If you type it wrong, your agents will become pointed to a non-existent machine and become broken.