How to receive notification when a service type for an incident is delayed

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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To receive a notification whenever a service type for an incident is delayed, configure the Activity Notification that is named "Delay Service Type" to indicate the contacts to be notified when the activity occurs. 

Likewise, you may also configure the "Resume Service Type" activity notification to cause certain contacts to be notified when a service type for an incident is resumed.

Note that the code for the Delay Service Type is SLADELAY.



The list of activity notifications can be viewed by navigating to the Administration tab, open Notifications, open Activity Notifications: 


Click on "Delay Service Type" to view the details, and click on the Notification Rules tab to view the Notification Rules List:



Note the value of the "Internal" field.  "Yes" indicates that roles such as Customer cannot receive the notification; only Employees, Analysts, and other "internal" roles can.

Click on the "Default Delay Service Type Notification Rule for request/incident/problem" to view the rule detail.  Note these tabs that are shown: Object Contacts, Contacts, and Contact Types.

CA Service Desk Manager 17.0

Use the "Object Contacts", "Contacts", and/or "Contact Types" tabs of the "Default Delay Service Type Notification Rule for request/incident/problem" notification rule to specify the contacts to be notified whenever the service type of an incident is delayed.


For example, to notify the Requester of the incident, open the "Object Contacts" tab, click on the "Update Object Contacts" button, search for a contact using the displayed "Object Contact Notification Search" form, add an entry from the displayed list of Object Contacts to the list of Notification Recipients, and click OK.




After clicking "OK":


Note that the Access Type of contacts must allow the receipt of internal notifications whenever the "Internal" field of the activity notification is set to "Yes"; otherwise the contact would not receive the notification.

For example, to allow contacts which have an Access Type of "Employee" to receive a "Delay Service Type" activity notification for which "Internal" is set to "Yes", the access type must be set to "Receive Internal Notification" set to "Yes".