Rebuild DMS on Windows

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Last Modified Date : 03/07/2018
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The DMS__ is down on my Windows machine.  I noticed all of our services within services.msc says it was in a 'Stopping' state on Windows, but when running 'secons -S', the solution had said PIM is already down, which clearly it was not.

Data corruption, please check the version of sepmdd as we have seen these type of problems and fixed them.
Please restart the box to release it from the kernel table and from system memory so we can work on the DMS__.

Once the server is back online, all of the services started to run successfully aside from the DMS__.

Within the Event Viewer, this exception may be available:
PMDB DMS__ Failed to open Policy Model's subscribers database: rv = 32519

Shutdown CA PIM / PAMSC.  Backup the entire DMS__ folder, and delete the subscribers.dat and updates.dat file on thecurrent DMS__ folder.  Once that was done, restart the services, and the DMS__ should be available.  Also, the Enterprise Management was able to be accessed again.
Additional Information:
Everything you can see when running the 'sepmd -L DMS__' and 'sepmd -C DMS__'output.  It is each and every selang command.

When logging into the Enterprise Management console, there is a World View, anything you do is sent to the EAC web service, which translates all the Java calls to Enterprise Management to C based calls.  The eacws talks to seagent service running on the system that then talks to the sepmdd process which is hosting the DMS__ database.  The World View, anything you do is sent to the eac web service, translate all the java calls to entm to c based calls

To show the importance of the DMS__, in a traditional one-node environment, if the DMS__ is down, the entire Enterprise Manage application cannot be used.