How to rebind plans/packages invalidated by Revoke SYSADM

Document ID : KB000009530
Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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When Revoking SYSADM, the plans/packages are invalidated, but a list of the invalidated plans is not provided and the rebind statement must be manually generated.

This documents outlines a procedure to create a list of invalidated plan/packages and then have them rebound under a new owner.


In order to create a list of invalidated Plans and packages, the following steps are needed:

  1. Run Revoke batch report analysis with COLLAPSE YES, PROCESS NO (a sample REVOKE job can be found in the highlevel.SRCLIB member RCS#RVKE).
    This will provide a list of plans and packages that would rendered invalid by the Revoke of the SYSADM authid.

  2. Run RCQ report in order to list all plan/packages where the owner is the Revoked SYSADM or where the GRANTEE is the Revoked SYSADM.

  3. Use RC/Query's facilities to Rebind the listed plan/packages with a new owner. If CA Plan Analyzer for DB2 for Z/OS is installed, use it's Package reporting and the BINDPACK command to generate the bind statements for all listed plans/packages.

  4. Before actually revoking the SYSADM Authid, rerun the Revoke Batch report analysis with PROCESS NO, to ensure no plans or packages were missed.

  5. Run Revoke batch report analysis with COLLAPSE YES and PROCESS YES.