How to read a DC081017 invalid internal data snap dump to determine the cause of the abend.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Is there a way to find the data in memory, the external picture clause, the internal data type and length of the field.




The DC081017 message identifies the row and column of the field on the map and the map name.

Go into MAPC and browse this map.

On the main MAPC screen enter the map name and version number and position the cursor on the DISPLAY option on the command line.

Next select 1 for browse.

Step through with PF5 for next until you are taken to the map layout screen.

Position the cursor on the field that is at the location specified by the row and column from the DC081017 message.

Hit PF2 to select this field then PF5 to be taken to the Field Definition Screen in MAPC.

On this screen you will see the record name and field name.

Note both names.

Also note the external picture for the field.


You will next need to determine the hexadecimal offset of the field in the record. To do this display the record in IDD. Identify the field in the record and note the position of the field in the record and also the internal picture clause. You will see a parameter that says POSITION IS nn and ELEMENT LENGTH IS nn. Convert nn for the POSITION which is a decimal number to it's hexadecimal equivalent and minus 1. The result of this will be the hexadecimal offset of the field in the record.


In the snap dump produced by the DC081017 do a find on RBE* and repeat this find until you locate RBE* followed immediately by the record name taken from the Field Definition Screen in MAPC. Add x'34' to the hexadecimal offset of the field into the record then add this result to the address where the RBE* eyecatch is located in the dump. Go to the resulting address which is the sum of the RBE* address, x'34', and hexadecimal offset of the field into the record. This address will have the internal data. Check the validity of the data at this location based on the internal picture clause and the ELEMENT LENGTH IS nn taken from IDD. If the datatype at this location is incompatible with internal picture clause then this would explain the DC081017. Also verify that the external picture length is correct because that could also potentially cause the DC081017.

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