How to QUIESCE and Restart CA MIM.

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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The QUIESCE command lets you temporarily inactivate CA MIM (that is, put CA MIM in a wait state) without having to stop it.


When you need to temporarily deactivate CA MIM (for example, while you perform maintenance on a system), use the CA MIM QUIESCE command. Then, use the RESTART command to reactivate CA MIM.

It is important to note that a Quiesce of CA MIM should be done only when you are bringing z/OS down on that system.

To quiesce CA MIM and z/OS issue the QUIESCE command. You must Quiesce CA MIM before you quiesce the operating system, and the operating system must be restarted before you restart CA MIM.

CA MIM performs quiesce processing and then goes into a "wait state". This means that it will not try to access its control file from that system.

To quiesce CA MIM, issue the following command from a console:


When quiescing the MIM address space, begin the QUIESCE command with the CA MIM command prefix character or a z/OS MODIFY command. Otherwise, you will quiesce z/OS.

CA MIM will issue the following messages as it quiesces:

MIM0280I System sysid QUIESCE pending
MIM0282I CA-Multi-image Manager system sysid is QUIESCED

Other systems display MIM0061 messages because the quiesced system has stopped updating its time stamp in the control file. Do not respond to these messages. Eventually, these systems will display MIM0063 messages to inform you that the quiesced system seems to be "asleep". Do not issue the FREE command for the quiesced system. Otherwise, CA MIM issues a U0322 abend code and MIM0112 message when you restart the quiesced system.


  1. All 'NEW' global enqueues, tape device allocations, and cross system messages will be suspended while MIM is being QUIESCED on the lpar.

  2. Quiesce z/OS and perform any required tasks or maintenance while your system is down.

  3. Reactivate your hardware to restart z/OS.

  4. Issue the RESTART command as follows to restart the MIM address space:


    This restarts CA MIM on your quiesced system. CA MIM removes highlighting for the MIM0282I messages and reactivates itself. When systems have synchronized and the restart is complete, the following message will be issued:

    MIM0281I system sysid RESTART complete