How to query the DDMdb for long event message string

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Last Modified Date : 05/05/2018
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There are some events with long message string (in the vardata_string field) which causes a failure to insert the event into the reporting.event table.

May 02, 2018 09:38:00.784 (SRM/LandscapeManager/LandscapeThread_0) (SRM_Events) - (ERROR) - Failed to insert event into event table. SQL Exception code: 1406 SQL Exception message: Data truncation: Data too long for column 'event_msg' at row 1 Last known event time = 1524374934000 
May 02, 2018 09:38:00.784 (SRM/LandscapeManager/LandscapeThread_0) (SRM_Events) - (ERROR) - event record (mh=0x133dde, type=0x6330076, time=2018-04-22 02:28:54.0) 

This MySQL query will help you to identify the problematic event codes and delete them from the ddmdb.event table.
How to find the event code with long event message string (in the vardata_string field)
CA Spectrum 10.x
1. Open a bash shell (bash -login)

2. Navigate to $SPECROOT/mysql/bin directory

    cd mysql/bin

3. Launch the MySQL command prompt

    ./mysql -uroot -proot ddmdb (for Windows)

    ./mysql --defaults-file=../my-spectrum.cnf -uroot -proot ddmdb (for Linux or Solaris)

4. Run the following MySQL query:

    select HEX(model_h),HEX(type) as 'Event Type', CHAR_LENGTH(vardata_string) as 'Character length' from event where CHAR_LENGTH(vardata_string) > 65535 limit 50; 
Additional Information:
Then you can run the following MySQL command line to delete the event code in question (0x6330076):
DELETE FROM event WHERE type=0x6330076;

Failed to insert event due data too long for column 'event_msg'
Document ID    KB000094841

Or you can increase the 'event_msg' column size:
Report Manager event processing failed, with Data truncation errors: Data too long for column 'event_msg'.
Document ID    KB000008648