How to purge Release Automation artifacts via Sonatype Nexus?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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Prior to CA Release Automation 5.5.1 you could not delete artifacts from RA artifact management. Starting in version 5.5.1 you can remove artifact versions and doing so through the ROC -> Artifact Management is the recommended method - not the procedure below since the procedure below would leave artifact versions in the ROC pointing to invalid references. Removing the artifact version from Release Automation will delete the artifact from the nexus repository. However, this method also moves the artifact to the trash (like discussed below).  See below for information on clearing the trash.



This is just a guideline on how to purge artifact storage via Nexus. There can be more elaborative documentation available on Sonatype Nexus official documentation.

This document only outlines (in context to CA Release Automation (RA)), on how one can purge artifact storage on Sonatype Nexus used for storing artifacts by Release Automation.

This document only covers the scenario and description around Sonatype Nexus repository installed by Release Automation installer. The process and scenario may vary depending upon the repository being used.



Nexus repository installed on server where Release Automation Data Management Server alias Nolio Automation Center is installed. However, the overall process of purging artifact storage may remain similar to an extent.


Important points:

·         <RA Install directory>\sonatype-work\nexus\storage: This is the location where the artifacts are saved on disk. This location may differ depending on type.

·        http/https:ServerIP:PORT/nexus: URL to access Nexus via browser, for e.g. http://localhost:8080/nexus.


How to purge artifacts via Nexus:

 1.      Login to Sonatype Nexus web interface with an administrative account.

 2.      Post login, go to Repositories in the left column and locate the repository nolio




3.       On selecting the nolio repository, in the bottom panel browse the various artifacts created beneath it.




4.       Select the category which you want to purge. It can be specific artifact-Id, version or the whole group-Id. After selecting, right-click and choose delete.




5.      Once deleted the artifact will be moved to Trash, which is again going to take space on the disk. If you are sure that, the artifact is no longer useful, you can empty Trash.
Note:  An artifact removed from Trash cannot be recovered.