How to provide admin authorize in DDOL?

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Last Modified Date : 14/09/2018
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 We have a couple of concern to provide the admin authority for the user who needs to make the data structure change in data dictionary.
1. How to locate the user ID -68K in Data dictionary?
2. How to get the display name of the user
3. Steps to authorize the user as admin Kindly provide the solution for the above concerns. 
z/os, CA Datacom/DB 14.0 and higher
There are different ways to locate the Userid and related name (entity_name).

1- Via SQL, Using DBSQLPR, the requests could be:
Select entity_name, userid from sysadm.person where status = 'P';
Select entity_name, userid from sysadm.person where status = 'P' and userid = '68K';

2- Via DDUTILTY report using SYSIN:
Report, among other fields, displays Userid and Name. Do a find in your report output for '68K' in userid column.

3- Via DDOL, CICS transaction.
  a- signon
  b- go to Authorize and enter password (like 'Datacom-Install', 'Newuser' and then 'Newuser' on the next screen when asked to provide password). 
  c- enter 1 - Maintain Person - option will list all the Name and userid. Scroll until you find ID '68K'

  It displays panel T41U. It also displays column 'Profile' ($DD-ADM, $DD-UPD....etc)
  You may enter $DD-ADM in front of userid '68K' to give that user the profile $DD-ADM. 
   $DD-ADM profile gives authority for managing (display,update) database structure.

  The following DDUTILTY SYSIN will display all userid having $DD-ADM profile:
   //SYSIN DD *
   and replace $DD-ADM with any other profile you may want.
Additional Information:
- More can be found in docops:

-In Batch it is done via DDUPDATE utility using card 1010.
 see   for more.

Other DDUPDATE examples:

Note that you can ADD or DELETE, so in order to change an existing profile for an existing person you must DELETE then ADD as shown below. 

See below also: 
-ADD PERSON,userid 
1010 ADD profile 
1014 password 
-UPD PERSON,userid(001),PROD 
where "profile" is a valid Datadictionary profile (e.g. $DD-ADM). 

-UPD PERSON,test person-occ(PROD) 
1010 ADD $DD-NEW