How to propose a Product Enhancement (Idea) for Automic Products

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Last Modified Date : 24/05/2018
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This article tells you what are the steps to propose a Product Enhancement (Idea) for Automic Products ( Dollar Universe , One Automation, Applications Manager).
Prerequisites :
Create an account to access to the CA Community :
1 - Connect to the CA Community and clic on:

2 - Subscribe to the community that you want to follow 
Example for Dollar Universe the community is called 'CA Automic Community'

Click on Community / entry of your choice (example CA Automic Community) then subscribe by clicking on the Follow button
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3 - Create your Product Enhancement by clicking on the Idea button and fill the different boxes 

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Don't forget to enter your location 

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4 - To validate your Idea click on 'Create Area' button

Your evolution request is saved and submitted for voting. 
Additional Information:
You also have the opportunity to vote for the product enhancements that interests you. 

Go to Content / Ideas in order to list the ideas requests and vote for those who could interest you.

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