How to print the API and Processor output of Foreground Actions in CA Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE)

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Last Modified Date : 11/07/2018
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This document explains how to print the API and Processor output generated by CA Endevor Integration for the Natural Environment (EINE) Foreground Actions such as Retrieve, Add/Update, Delete, Move, Generate, and Sign-in.



All supported versions of EINE
  1. Sign on to Natural and EINE according to your normal procedures 
  2. Select the Foreground Processing option - F
  3. On the Foreground Processing Menu, select the desired Object Code (N, E, D, or P) and Action Code (R, A, M, #, G, or S)
  4. Enter the necessary Object, Library, Environment and Action Options fields to get to the Foreground Action Selection List screen and perform the desired action
  5. Once the action has been performed, press PF12 to get the Action Request Summary window and enter an 's' next to the Element Action to be displayed and printed
  6. While in the API Messages window, press PF4 to initiate the Batch Job Submittal window.
  7. Enter the required Job Card information and press enter to submit the job
  8. The batch job is submitted and a confirmation message is displayed
Additional Information:

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In the Select Product drop down box, search for Endevor and select the appropriate version

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