How to prevent discovery of select elements in the CA Data Aggregator

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Last Modified Date : 05/06/2018
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The filtering at the Monitoring Profile level works but it results in the elements appearing in searches. This leads to confusion for users, and administrative over head that can be avoided for product administrators.

How can the creation of the elements be controlled, allowing for creation of only the elements desired?
Alternative to standard Monitoring Profile Poll or Do Not Poll filtering functionality.
All supported CA Performance Management releases

This self-certification workflow is an example of a real use case that you may encounter. Use this workflow as a model to help you with self-certification:

In this example, you add a filter to the IfTableMib vendor certification to prevent items with ifType 53 (propVirtual) from being discovered.

After the filter is applied, you can expect the following results:

  • In Performance Center, if you go to AdministrationMonitored DevicesPolled Metric Families, the interface appears as Not Available or Not Present and Not Polled.
  • In Performance Center, if you go to AdministrationMonitored DevicesFilter Report, the filter report is unaffected. The report shows only the filters from the monitoring profile. The report excludes the filter from the vendor certification.
  • The interface is still available through REST on the Data Aggregator.
  • The interface is unavailable through OpenAPI.

After the next sync, you can expect the following results in Performance Center:

  • If you go to InventoryInterfaces, the interface is removed.
  • The interface is removed from all dashboards and context pages.

Follow these steps:

  1. Make a GET REST call to export existing extensions for the vendor certification.  


    For example: http://da-hostname:8581/typecatalog/certifications/snmp/extension/IfTableMib

    Tip: To retrieve the name of the vendor certification in the UI, go to the Vendor Certification page. Click the downward arrow on any column, hover over Columns, and click Internal Name.

  2. Find the metric definition in the XML file.

    <ExpressionGroup name="PortNRMDS" destCert="{}NormalizedPortInfo">
  3. Enter the metric filtering expression inside a Filter tag.

    <Filter>(ifType!=24) &amp;&amp; (ifType!=1) &amp;&amp; (ifType!=53)</Filter>

  4. Make a PUT REST call to import the new XML file.


    After you import the vendor certification, the Data Aggregator resumes polling using the new extended vendor certification.

  5. Click the Update Metric Family button on Metric Families page. The vendor certification no longer monitors interfaces of ifType 53.

  6. To verify that the filter is added, click AdminMonitored Devices.

  7. Click Polled Metric Families. In the list of Components, the Status of the filtered interfaces is changed to Not Available or Not Present, and the SNMP Poll Rate is changed to Not Polled

The following example shows how to define the metric filtering expression in the IfTableMib vendor certification:

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>

<!--Auto-generated by the type catalog local manager.-->

<DataModel namespace="" xmlns:xsi="" xsi:noNamespaceSchemaLocation="SNMPCertificationFacet.xsd">



  <FacetType name="IfTableMib" descriptorClass="">

    <FacetOf namespace="" name="Item" />


      <ExpressionGroup destCert="{}NormalizedPortInfo" name="PortNRMDS">

         <Filter>(ifType!=24) &amp;&amp; (ifType!=1) &amp;&amp; (ifType!=53)</Filter>





Additional Information:
Documented in the CA Performance Management Documentation Wiki.

Current URL for r3.5 release version is:

Search the documentation for "Add a new filter to a vendor certification" in the event the URL changes.