How to prevent BOXI users from accessing CA ServiceDesk reports?

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Last Modified Date : 14/02/2018
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By default BOXI allows all the users to access CA ServiceDesk report even if the user is not in ServiceDesk contact list. This document explains the procedure to restrict BOXI Only users from accessing CA ServiceDesk reports.


In BOXI by default all users will be included in Everyone group. The Everyone group will have access to all folders within the Java Infoview. The CA Reports folder need to exclude the Everyone group and grant access only to the ServiceDesk groups.

  1. Login to Central Management Console as Administrator

  2. Under Organize section, click on Folders.

  3. Click on CA Reports folder. Fig 1

    Fig 1

    Figure 1

  4. In CA Reports window, click on Rights tab

  5. By Default Everyone will have Schedule access level. Fig 2

    Fig 2

    Figure 2

  6. From the Access Level drop down, select No Access for Everyone group. Click on Update.

  7. To add ServiceDesk groups, click on Add/Remove button. From the Available groups list, select the desired groups. Click OK. Fig 3

    Fig 3

    Figure 3

  8. Login to Infoview as a user who is not a part of ServiceDesk Manager group and he will not see the CA Reports folder anymore. Fig 4

    Fig 4

    Figure 4